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Day 1 - Girl Party Ideas

To start off the Tip Junkie Birthday Bash, let's feature girl birthday party ideas. Please keep in mind that as we move from day to day, some of these ideas can be altered to almost any theme.

If you find a theme or idea you like but your child's birthday isn't for several months, be sure to catalogue it in your del.ic.ious file. You can access your Delicious favorites on any computer via the Internet. This way they won't get lost or be hard to find later.

Kim submitted her Lollipop birthday party she hosted for her daughter. I'm dying over this party and need to come up with an excuse to throw one!

'Creativity Cannot be Stifled' hosted a spajama birthday party for her daughter. I'm cracking up at the cake!! {{fabulous}}

Design Dazzle featured several different ideas on how to throw a cupcake birthday party. Little monogrammed aprons as a party favor would be major.

Melissa submitted her cupcake themed birthday party for a little girl. {{yummy!}}

Carrie's daughter threw her American Girl a darling birthday party. She has several fun game ideas, this Dress Kit caught my eye.

Pumpkin Petunia hosted an American Girl Mystery party for her daughter. What an inventive twist on party.

Pumpkin Petunia also blew me away with her pretty silhouette party. Although it wasn't a birthday party, you could still use the theme as one. ;)

Shannon threw her daughter the most amazing Tinker Bell party. I'm dying over her decorations.

Aly submitted her Fairy best birthday party she threw for her daughter. It's packed full of great ideas. I wish Aly had recipes listed - her food made me hungry.

Holly submitted her daughter's Hello Kitty birthday party. Holly has some fun decorating ideas.

Here is Abigail's Nancy Drew Birthday Party. A super creative birthday party without using any mass market kits/branded images: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Dana submitted her paper dress tutorial. How to make paper dresses to be used atop cupcakes or on invitations

Thanks Ladies! These are completely fabulous and inspiring. Be sure to check out last years 13 Day Birthday Bash for other girl birthday party ideas.