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Being a Mom Today

Hey Ladies! Today's an important day for our family. My oldest son, Davis, is graduating from Elementary school! {{squeal in delight with teary eyes}}

It's a big deal as he was diagnosed with high functioning autism at 4 years old. I share this with you for two reasons:

1. To apologize for taking the day off, even though it's been a couple days since I've featured new tips. I feel terrible and really hope you understand.

2. I'm so emotional about today. I'll be honest, I'm an emotional wreck. It's a new chapter for our family as Davis embarks upon the unknown adventures of intermediate school and leaves the comfort and simplicity of elementary.

For some reason, I feel impressed to share with you a little bit of our story in hopes that it will inspire those women who are facing the same challenges.

The poems I featured in the post have given me strength in the darkest times. Put them in a pretty frame and they make an encouraging gift that I promise will last years. I still read mine regularly.

I guess today is a different kind of tip, one of encouragement to those who are struggling. I do to. I hope this lifts you up!