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Spring Cleaning & Organizing

It's spring cleaning time and a 1 month count down 'till school is out and life is altered for the next 3 months. {{giggle}} I love containers! I love to buy them, organize them, and put things in them. I know it's completely sick.

So today, I'm featuring organizing and cleaning posts that were submitted by Tip Junkie's! I just love how you've always got my back! I hope you'll support these women with your visits and link love.


Also, be sure to head on over to Simple Mom who's having a Spring Cleaning Party. She is taking you room by room and helping you cut the clutter! {{fabulous}}

Melissa submitted her tip on how to organize the kids papers. She hung 3 oversize clipboards in my mud room, one for each kid. Used the clip boards to keep track of field trip permission forms, homework, reminders from school, chore charts etc. She finds it a lot easier than riffling though a pile on the counter top.

Jackie submitted her Jewelry organizer; great for all of those necklaces, earrings, added shelf is a bonus!

To organize my little girl's hair accessories, Heidi created a hair bow holder and an organizer to hold other hair essentials.

Jennifer created a tutorial on how to make a hanging rack for dress up clothes. {{darling}}

Bonnie submitted a trick to make defrosting your freezer easier. (I so needed this when I was a kid. We had to do this every summer. Geesh}}

One of my favorite bloggers, Sandy, submitted these memory binders; how to save your kids memories.

I've so got to do this! My kiddos stuff is all in a box with their name on it. This is much more fun! I bet they'd love to help me create this for them as well.

Nancy send me her sock sorting & storing system. A way to sort and store all the different sizes/types of socks without spending an hour matching them up.

I really like Sarah's spring cleaning notebook tip. She imagines that she's a potential buyer of her house and stands in each room to see all the imperfections. Then she writes down in a notebook what needs to be done if she were to put it up for sale.

Cinco De Mayo Ideas:

My Twitter friend @craftymomcooks has a recipe for Cafe Rio Pork and Bajio Chicken. Today's the Day to cook festive!!

Sara also tweeted her Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos. {{yummy}}

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