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Talk To Me Tuesday - Rebekah's Adption Journey

Last week I asked readers if they'd like to start participating in the 'Talk To Me Tuesday' posts and interview other bloggers. You know I feel like everyone deserves a day in the spotlight!

So for today's Talk To Me Tuesday, Michelle will be interviewing Rebekah who's main focus of her blog is a journey through adoption.

Rebekah is very frank and honest about her feelings. She actually had a birth mom find her blog and pursue her for an adoption!

Q. Besides Baby Boy's Birth Mom finding you in "blogland", what else has blogging helped you to accomplish/overcome/learn?

A. I started my blog, last year, when we made the decision to open the door to adoption. I love to write, but I’ve never been very good at keeping a journal. It was really important for me to document our adoption journey for our future baby. I wanted him/her to know just how much of a miracle their life was and I knew I would do it…and do it well…if other people were reading.

I was completely unprepared for just how therapeutic blogging would be. For the first time in my life, I faced the complexity of emotions raging within my heart and was able to pound them out on my keyboard. I held nothing back…and it was so freeing. I’ll never forget the day I left my barren bubble and sought out other adoption blogs. I was astounded. After years of feeling isolated, I had finally found a sense of home as I read my story in the words of others. It’s an amazing community and has been my secret to survival.

Q. Will you continue your blog after Baby Boy's arrival? If so will you be renaming your blog, do you have a "New Blog Name" already chosen?

A. Yes! Our baby boy is going to be a community celebration. I won’t be shutting the blog down or going private. Our birth mom and her family are among my readers; I know how special it will be for them to continue to follow our story. I do not have plans to rename my blog. Our coming baby boy is my heart cry…the title will continue to be relevant as I blog, honestly, about our open adoption experiences.

I also have plans to write a book/publish our story from both perspectives. I’m hoping the blog will be a major networking tool!

Q. I love the nursery. What is your next favorite room in your house? Will you show us some pictures?

A. We re-finished our basement last year and I love how it came together!!! It’s the perfect setting for spending time with friends and family! See attached pictures.

Q. Top 5 songs on your iPod.

A. I ashamedly admit…my iPod has collected months of dust. Life is busy; I prefer to spend my car and down time in silence. Boring, I know!

Q. Three blogs you read on a regular basis.

A. Oh, no, you’re trying to get me in trouble! I read a lot of blogs, but the following women have been with me from the beginning and I consider them sisters!

Ashley: More Than Dog Children
Bri: Our Adoption Journey
Melba: Our Journey to Parenthood

Q. Do you like reality T.V.? What shows do you watch?

A. I LOVE reality TV. American Idol is my favorite, but I can also be caught watching Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor. Other than that, it’s pretty much Discovery Health all the time.
Q. You find great deals at the thrift stores, do you go often? What is the best find you've gotten lately?

A. There are definitely items that must be bought brand new (i.e. underwear!), but for most things, I utilize Craigslist and Salvation Army first. In the last few months, I’ve purchased half of Baby Boy’s wardrobe at Salvation Army. I have a very specific method to my madness. Go at least once a week, only shop the 50% off color tag, and only buy name brand. Last week, I came home with 3 pairs of overalls, 1 pair of corduroys, and 2 sleep gowns. All from Baby Gap…for $6.00!

Q. Do you have any hobbies?

A. Blogging, refinishing furniture, mountain biking, and photography.

Q. Your faith seems so strong, even when you are frustrated, hurt etc., what do you do when you are really low to stay so close to God?

A. If you read through my blog, you’ll find I have had many dark days. Several times, when at rock-bottom, I had nothing to say to God. My heartache had left me a hollow shell. It was in these times, however, the Lord revealed two things to me:

1) He remains faithful when we are faithless
2) Joy comes in the morning. Those are the promises I held on to.

Q. How much time do you spend blogging?

A.I blog when my heart has something to say…usually once or twice a week. But, I spend a lot of time, each day, reading and commenting on other blogs and answering questions sent to me in email. I try to invest back into the lives of others, as much as I can, because I know how helpful and inspiring the encouragement of fellow bloggers has been for me.

This was truly inspiring! Thanks Michelle those were great questions and really helped us get a quick glace into Rebekah's blog. Rebekah thank you for being so honest and open with your struggles and feelings. What a powerful purpose your blog serves. {{hugs}}

De-Lurker Challenge: Are YOU ready to participate with us? I would really love to continue the dialogue and help motivate bloggers to really connecting with one another.

So this week pick one blogger that you love; but would normally be too intimidated to contact. Shoot them an e-mail and ask them if they'd be willing to be interviewed for the Tip Junkie De-Lurker Challenge.

1. E-mail them your questions. Please keep them thoughtful and relevant to their blog.

2. Publish your interview this week with a head shot of you and the blogger you interviewed. Don't forget to use the Tip Junkie De-Lurker Image and link to Tip Junkie as well as their blog. {{wink}}

Next Tuesday, we'll use Mister Linky and you can link your interview here to Tip Junkie! We can all get to know each other quickly and find some new blog crushes. I can't wait!

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