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How To Twitter? - Part 1

Do you remember my post "How the Heck Does Twitter Work" last August? Well, turns out that it is currently my top 5 most popular post according to Google. So there are a LOT of people confused and wondering the same thing.

Since many of us are a bit lost on the latest social networking trend, I thought I'd call in a Pro-Twitter to give us the rundown:

* All the ins and outs
* Realizing the Potential of Twitter
* Secrets on Twitter etiquette
* How to properly promote yourself
* How to network
* How to make the best use of your time while tweeting

I'm pleased to introduce to you Vanessa the Owner of I Never Grew Up and Utahs Natural Kids. Don't forget to follow her on Twitter!

Vanessa will be doing a 3 part guest post on Twitter so we can finally figure it out and how to use it to our best advantage. Whoohoo! Let's get started, the following is in Vanessa's words:

Twitter. Another thing for you to keep up? Another application to figure out? Something else to add to your never ending list? Is it really worth the bother? YES! It won’t be that painful and it will help you tremendously, trust me.

Twitter has helped me build relationships with other bloggers, public relation agents, CEOs of companies and all in Twitter’s informal relaxed atmosphere which is perfect for a shy gal like me.

Twitter is the perfect platform for you to share with thousands who you are and turn them into “potential customers” in whatever form that customer means for your business. If it means more readers for your blog, to get more customers into your store, or to help you build up your list to market your online products.

Twitter has been huge for me, @inevergrewup because 20 % of my entire readership comes from twitter. The more readers you have the more established you come as a blogger. I have landed writing jobs for large publications and it has put me in touch with pr from large companies that I have been able to form great relationships with. As a blogger it has been the most important thing I have done for my blog to gain readership at inevergrewup.net and utahsnaturalkids.com.

My husband @tydogbrowntrain has used Twitter to his advantage to gain more local clientele and nationally to help him sell more memberships to his Dog Behavior Online membership site. He uses it as a platform to bringing listeners to his national radio show and put his name out there to an audience he might have never been able to market to without Twitter.

I run A Kick in the Buzz Marketing where clients pay me to help them set up their Twitter accounts and help them use it to their advantage. For one of my clients @blendfashions who owns a clothing store through Twitter I got a piece of her newest line into a national fashion magazine. For another client we used Twitter to their advantage to create buzz about their new restaurant. They were featured on numerous high traffic local blogs that helped get people into their restaurant.

You need to realize the Potential of Twitter---The social networking possibilities on Twitter are endless. It gives you a platform to market your work, showcase yourself (when done the right way), make new business connections, learn from others and get yourself out there!

Today's post is going to leave you with this video on the very basics of Twitter. It simply shows what Twitter is and how it works.

Stay tuned... Tomorrow we will discuss Twitter vocab, how to build your Twitter audience, and developing your Twitter persona.

Please hold off on asking your Twitter questions until Part 3 is posted. However, feel free to leave your Twitter accounts in the comments so we call all follow each other and network.

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