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How to Save & Raise Extra Money This Year

Please welcome the Garage Sales Tracker who is guest blogging for me today. I'm a "trash to treasure" kind of gal armed with sand paper & spray paint. ;) So I hope you'll enjoy the tips that they have to share.

It’s become customary to see garage sales in our community on the weekends, yet most never think about the advantages of having a yard sale, well here’s a couple:

* Earn a little extra cash on unused items, like electronic gadgets and furniture.

* Selling children’s clothes and toys that have been out grown and cluttering up the house.

So, now that you’ve read about some advantages, I bet you’re thinking, that’s not a bad idea! But where do I start?

Well to help get the word out, here’s a new site. It’s called Garage Sales Tracker (GST). And, if you’re wondering why GST, well here are some benefits and features that the site has to offer:

* Cheaper listings than newspapers and a larger geographic reach.
* Driving directions on the sale page with turn by turn instructions.
* Easy to navigate through unlike some competing yard sale sites.
* And Blog with additional tips and fun money saving tips.

So, how much is it? Well, for a limited time Garage Sale Tracker is allowing individuals to post their garage sale for $5, that’s a 50% DISCOUNT off every listing. GST is also donating $2 from every listing to a charity of the seller’s choice upon check out.

So take a look at the site and help spread the word.

Thanks Garage Sales Tracker! What a great service for those of us who would rather sell our gently used items instead of donating them.


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