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Baby Shower Ideas from Tip Junkie's

I have received several great baby shower as well as baby related tips from readers. I couldn't have a Baby Shower Extravaganza with out featuring those loyal souls who make Tip Junkie what it is today. Enjoy!

April submitted the Circus themed baby shower she threw for her brother. What a fun theme!!

Here is Kendra's She's about to Pop Baby Shower. A fun and bright contemporary baby shower.

Mandy is so adorable! She hosted a Bee-themed baby shower. Her friends didn't find out what they were having (boy or girl), so she had a bee-themed 'What will it BEE?' baby shower!

Lyssa threw a polka-dot themed shower.

Kendra threw a baby shower for a Lil Punkin. Here are her ideas for an Autumn-themed baby shower.

Rebecca out did herself with this amazing baby shower. Talk about the love that went into it!

Designer Girl 007 made a quick tutorial on how to make these Yeah Baby! Frosted Baby Booties.

Charity threw a shower/tea party last fall for her friend.
* This post is about the actual party.
* This post lists the menu.
* And this post shows the invitations I made.

Ellen created a tutorial on how to make this inexpensive baby shower favor idea; rubber ducky bath salts.

Here's Amy's baby shower Bingo game. A template & pictures of blank bingo cards to print for baby shower gift bingo.

I'm assuming it looks something like this

Gerri Davis e-mailed me her baby shower gift idea. She didn't have a photo of it, so I'll just list it here for you.

My daughters and I "borrowed" this idea from my niece's baby shower - now it's our favorite way to gift for a baby shower!

Start with a new laundry basket, clothesline (you can cut it to the length you want) and clothespins. Then go shopping for Baby - we usually get receiving blankets, sleepers, bibs, socks, mittens, hats, clothing - from newborn to 12 month or so; and anything else you can think of.

It's best to remove or at least try to hide tags on these items and items like socks or bibs should be removed from their package. Lay out the clothesline on the floor and then start "hanging" the baby items using the clothespins. We like to alternate the items - big, small; light color/dark color etc.

When everything is on the line, pick up one end and lay it in the laundry basket and then neatly keep folding the line of items into the basket - you want it to be easily removed by the mom-to-be!

We usually tie some ribbon around the basket and put some tissue paper over the top. Now when the mom-to-be goes to open this surprise, be ready to help! Help her pull the start of the clothesline out of the basket and then you can enlist the others at the shower to hold the line as the mom pulls more and more of it from the basket - you'll hear lots of oohs and aaahs and laughter as the clothesline makes its way around the room!!

Also, you could include a bottle of baby laundry detergent at the bottom of the basket!

Baby Related:

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Contact Christy if you're interested in an above and beyond the traditional birth announcement.

Jessica submitted her post on Making Your Own Natural Baby Products. By stocking your pantry with a few key natural ingredients you can make all sorts of natural baby products for baby.

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