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Spring Break Activities on a Budget

I know, I know. Two kids posts back to back. I usually post about what's going on in my own life. What to do with the kiddos during Spring Break is a reality I'll be facing in a week and a half. My husbands job is having mandatory 1 week un-paid vacations this month. So I'm looking for fun activities that don't cost a lot.

You can check out my previous posts on Family Fun and For the Kids for ideas. Here are some new alternatives:

Photo by Gaetan Lee

Frugal Upstate has 7 Ideas for Spring Break on a budget. My favorite is Play Tourist. That's what we're going to do! We're going to spend the week taking driving tours, going to museums, and checking out the great city of Dallas.

My Charming Kids found a Do Something Daily calendar which is a fun idea for year-round activities. However, for spring break you could make your own! Giving a little more delight to your kiddos as they turn over the page each day to see what adventure they'll have that day.

Mom Central coined the phrase "Spring Staycations" which are cost-effective, and close-to-home activities designed to get kids unplugged, out-of-the-house, and re-charged for the rest of the school year. They have several great ideas, my favorite is pick a theme!

If you have young children you can print out ideas for 'special days' which are activities based on colors, shapes, and numbers over at Executive Homemaker. For older kids you could do a Star Wars day with all kinds of activities.

Alain Gree illustration

I like this idea from a Debt Management blog, organize a rotating group activity. I would love to do this with friends. One day I could have Clone Wars day with activities & crafts centering around that, and the next day a friend could so something entirely different. {{giving me the day off - he he}}

Another spin on this idea: One year a bunch of teenage girls at my church created a "mommy's day out" day where they organized a snack, activities, and crafts for several hours. They charged an hourly fee and earned money for girls camp.

Finally make that gorgeous tent from The Holiday movie for your kiddos! Here's Darice's version for her girls.

What did am I missing? What are your favorite things to do over Spring Break?

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