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Talk To Me Tuesday - Your Favorite 2008 Posts

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I realize that it's no longer January and people have most likely moved on from the reminiscing 2008. However, when I asked for nominations for the Tip Junkie Awards, I received tons of submissions to other people's blogs. (The purpose of the Tip Junkie Awards is to highlight the best of tips featured on Tip Junkie.)

Therefore, for Talk To Me Tuesday this week, I thought I'd ask you the question, "What was your favorite post on YOUR BLOG in 2008?"

Basically, if you were giving out a Tip Junkie Award to a post on your site, which one would you give it to? (No religious or political submissions, please.)

How to Play:

1. Edit a post your favorite post and include a link back to Tip Junkie.

2. Next, add your direct post (not home page) to Mister Linky at the bottom of this post.

Entries will only be allowed until Wednesday at 11 am Texas time to avoid spammers. Also, only link to your Talk To Me Tuesday post not your home page, those will be deleted. If you haven't used Mister Linky before, here's the low down (a.k.a rules).