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Are you a fan of Tip Junkie and have a Facebook account? If so, check out Tip Junkie's Facebook page and add yourself as a fan!

I just made the Facebook page, so once I get 8 or more fans, then Tip Junkie posts will automatically update in facebook (via RSS feed). It's an easy way to stay updated on all the fabulous ideas from talented bloggers.

If you're on the Facebook Network Blogs, here's my link! Leave a comment on my wall so I can add your blog as well.

Also, if you don't already have a button on your blog, I would really appreciate the help getting the word out. It's easy! Just copy and paste the code as "add a widget/html" on your blog sidebar.

Side Note: If you've submitted a tip or e-mailed me, please be patient for a reply. I'm still not a 100%. Thanks a ton! ;)


P.S. The Tip Junkie Mom-preneur Shops are running year round! Be sure to see what's new.