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We are Tiffany and Heather of SITS, (aka The Secret is in The Sauce). You may have seen our pink and leopard print button around town.

Today, we are SO excited to be guest blogging for the fantastic Queen of Tips, Laurie!

We thought we'd share with you some of our favorites. From recipes to etiquette to humor, these are some bloggers we adore.

And, in true SITS style, we are doin' up the linky love!

There are TONS of great recipe sites out there, we have one that we LOVE.

Live, Love, Eat shares fantastic recipes including:

How about Etiquette? Did you know there is a fantastic blog dedicated just to etiquette?

Yes, The Pink Teapot discusses everything from funeral etiquette to how to write a thank you note. Bookmark this baby!

Looking for some blogs that can really make you laugh?

Try this beauty from "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit."


"Girl Out Numbered 2 to 1" CRACKED us up with this post.

And, probably our favorite SITS post of all time, the Mama Kat classic, Dear Target.

We hope you enjoyed this little taste of SITS. We feature a new blogger everyday.... and our Featured Bloggers are our readers, so we thought it'd be fun to have a little contest.

Leave a comment here and your blog is entered to be our Friday Favorite this week.

That's right.

Your blog, featured on SITS. This Friday.

Have a great day, and remember, SITS is all about comments, so go leave some!


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