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Let's Celebrate Groundhog Day

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Ground Hog Day is Monday, February the 2nd and a great way to "warm" up the winter and bond with the kiddos. This year give them a new tradition or memory for them to reminisce about!

New Tradition: If the groundhog does not see his shadow and spring seems imminent, celebrate by making a spring dessert. If the groundhog sees his shadow, we’d better get used to six more weeks of winter and prepare a winter dessert, like hot chocolate.

I found this darling cupcake made out of an Almond Joy bar over at Buckets of Ideas for Grandparents . She also has Ground Hog activity suggestions like eating on the "ground" and adapting traditional games out of "Phil" the ground hog.

Gourmet Mom on the Go has a tutorial on how to make these adorable Ground Hog Cookies.

One activity you can do to mark the day, is celebrate with your own shadow and make Groundhog Day Silhouettes.

Danielle's Place has a couple Ground Hog Day themed kids crafts you can do together.

Purple Trail Party Ideas has tons of great party, invitation, game, and food ideas to throw a fun Ground Hog Day party.

About.com has tons of links to games and craft ideas to do with your kiddos.

I came across this site for teachers, but I'm sure you could do several of the activities at home on Ed Helper.com.

How you you going to celebrate Goundhog Day?


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