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This is the Tip Junkie giveaway and contest winner page which lists all the winners that have been announced. Congratulations Ladies!

January '09

The Tip Junkie Awards! There are so many talented women that make Tip Junkie a one-stop-shop for fabulous ideas that help embellish our lives. This is my way of giving back to my readers and saying "Thank You" to your favorites!

The Tip Junkie Awards will help us take a look back and recognize the best tips of 2008. It will run just like the Oscars with nominees and you will vote for the winners.

Each winner will be awarded a special button from Tip Junkie as a "Best of 2008" as well as a prize from a Tip Junkie Mom-preneur.

The categories are:

Best Submitted Tip (3 Awards)
Best Tutorial
Best Organizational Idea
Best Craft
Best Birthday Theme
Best Gift Idea
Best Entertaining Tip
Best Home Decor Tip
Best Bonding Tradition
Best Blogging Tip
Best Featured Blogger
Best Blog Designer
Best Holiday Idea
Best Commentor
Best Tip Junkie (biggest fan)
Best Mom-preneur (2 awards)

December '08

The Celebration Shoppe giveaway: Jenn
Fun Stuff For Babies giveaway: Shaina

Christmas Tree Contest
1st Place: Amber
2nd Place: Lori
3rd Place: Sabra
Honorable Mention: Kari & Kijsa

November '08

12 Days of Junkie - Day 1: #51 Josselyn and #101 Tiffany T
12 Days of Junkie - Day 2: #63 Ms. Soapbox and #126 Tanya
12 Days of Junkie - Day 3: #29 Sheri and #Leah H
12 Days of Junkie - Day 4: #6 Stephanie and #87 Stand by Me
12 Days of Junkie - Day 5: #12 Valerie and #128 Hippo Scraps
12 Days of Junkie - Day 6: # 187 Robin and #91Amy
12 Days of Junkie - Day 7: #118 Natalie and #16 Sarah
12 Days of Junkie - Day 8: #8 Keli and (comments) #59 Jordan
12 Days of Junkie - Day 9: #113 Molino and #105 Ormsby
12 Days of Junkie - Day 10 & 11: #110 Christine and #163 Ash and #30 Peach and #3 Tracy
12 Days of Junkie - Day 12: #118 AllisTrue and #65 Jensue

Rebecca Adams Giveaway: Charise
Lollipop Pottery Giveaway : #42 StampGram
Snips & Snails Giveaway: #5 Amber
The Spotted Box Giveaway: #151 Heather

Christmas Card Challenge - 1st Place: Brooke
Christmas Card Challenge - 2nd Place: Jennifer
Christmas Card Challenge - 3rd Place: Shelly
Christmas Card Challenge - Honorable Mention: Trinka
Christmas Card Challenge - Honorable Mention: Katie
Christmas Card Challenge - Honorable Mention: Trina

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