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Giveaway Announcements

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Happy Thanksgiving Ladies!! I hope you enjoyed the 12 Days of Junkie where I hooked you up with some free gifts and fabulous gift giving ideas from the Mom-prenuer Shop-a-thon.

I realize I haven't featured many tips the past 2 weeks but thanks for hanging in there and supporting these amazing Mom-preneurs. Promoting women is such a passion of mine! Thanks for indulging me. {{wink}}

I'm signing off for the week but will be back on Monday with some fun giveaways and back-to-basics themes:

* Christmas Card Contest - Deadline is December 3rd with 6 winners!
* Snips & Snails Giveaway December 2nd
* Lollipop Pottery Giveaway December 3rd
* Bugaloo Giveaway December 4th
* Teach me Thursday Tutorials
* Submitted Tips

I will also be featuring all things Christmas! So submit your Christmas handmade gift ideas, stocking stuffer ideas, advents, decor, ornaments, tutorials, gift wrapping, and traditions. I love to feature my readers!

While I'm away, I've hooked you up with lots of fun contests and happenings around blog land. Enjoy!

Giveaways & Contests:

1. Blog Togs Design is having a fun contest where you can win a 1 Year Blog Togs Subscription!

2. EAD Desgins is having a sale on Black Friday, 40% with coupon code” BIG-SALE”.

3. Chic-Covers is having a sale on selected toddler covers at $75. She's also working on some boutique bags and will have 9 styles by next week.

4. Trisha is giving away a $25 gift certificate to EAD Designs
5. Sara has hooked us up with a tutorial and a giveaway {{fabulous}}
6. Mandy is hosting three great giveaways.
7. Jeanne is giving away gifts with 2 winners.
8. Steals & Deals is giving away a felt board story.
9. Celeste is giving away a pink kufi crochet beanie hat.
10. Janeen is giving away a gorgeous Key Brooch from 19 Moon.
11. Funky Finds is having a November Holiday Goods Giveaway.
12. FineLine Antiques is giving away holiday gift tags.
13. Baby Blvd is hosting a holiday giveaway, ends Dec 2nd.
14. Nicole is having her first giveaway.
15. Colleen is giving away a teaching heart basket.
16. Michelle is having a Baby's First Christmas giveaway.
17. The Lil’ Peanut Patch is giving away an autographed copy of Snippets.
18. Mandy is giving away Twilight Jewelry.
19. Mandee & Brandy are giving away fleece lounger pants.
20. Christie is giving away some Layers Clothing.

Weekly Theme: (You know I love a theme!)

1. Mandy is having Thanks-Giving-Away week.
2. Sara is featuring Christmas Goodies all week.
3. Robyn will have a giveaway every Monday.


1. Debbie is having a prematurity awareness month giveaway

Holiday Gift Guides:

1. Check out Abby's 12 Days of Christmas product reviews.

Coming soon on Tip Junkie:

1. Christmas Tree Contest - Take pictures of your beautiful trees and submit them. There will be 4 winners. I really want this to be informative so try and add decorating tips, homemade ornament pictures, and theme ideas.

2. Word of the Year - Decide what your word of the year for 2009 will be. Make sure you post about it and we'll do it in a Talk To Me Tuesday post with a fun prize.

Thanks Ladies! I have a LOT to cover, so please don't get overwhelmed with all the posts. Promise? Also, if you're looking for some fabulous Christmas Ideas, check out my last years posts.


P.S. Don't forget to buy from women this holiday season during our Mom-preneur Shop-a-thon! Let's support each other.