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Day 5: Thanksgiving For the Kids

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Day 5 of our Thanksgiving Inspiration focuses on the kids and some fun activities you can do with them to help make the day a little more memorable. Enjoy!

No Fuss Fabulous has such a fun kids table theme, nuts! They can play "How many acorns?", printable acorn maze, name card, and much more.

Stacy submitted her marshmallow Pilgrim Hats, a Thanksgiving craft/treat for kids. I make these for my boys every year!

I found these darling sugar cookie turkeys over at Puppy Cove.

What's Cookin? has hooked us up with this yummy turkey cupcake.

I'm loving this Fruit Gobbler, what a fun editable centerpiece.

Me and My Insanity made this fun turkey centerpiece out of a big squash, gourd, carrot (nose), cloves (eyes), and fruit candies. We put the candies on skewers and stuck them into the squash.

No Fuss Fabulous has some fun ideas for your kiddos Thanksgiving table. Simply tie your napkins with raffia or spare ribbon and insert one to three crayons. Make finding their seat a game! Have each child find their seat by searching for a napkin with their favorite crayon color tied to it!

Sweet Pea Cakes made a tutorial for these cute turkey napkin holders made out of craft foam.

I found The Story of Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey Craft that I thought was a fun activity.

Tricia made this turkey napkin holder with her kiddos.

I thought this Painting with Nature table runner was another fun activity to do with the kiddos.

Creative Crafting made this fun Glowbird out of tissue paper and a glass bubble votive holder.

I found this Thanksgiving Harvest Classroom Craft: Sit-upon Craft and thought it was a unique idea.

Catherine has hooked us up with bunch of Thanksgiving books for kids and a little about each one.

Creating with Chrissy made these gift sacks for her Thanksgiving guests. I thought it would also make a fun craft to make with the kiddos.

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