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Teach Me Thursday - Saturday Edition

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I know, it's not Thursday but I'm missing the fabulous tutorials that I usually feature each week. I can't help myself, I've got to give you a little peek to what other bloggers have been up to. I hope you'll be inspired to learn something new by these tutorials.

Cooking: Dana submitted her canning tutorial, Basil-Garlic Tomato Sauce. It's a step-by-step of how to can those summer tomatoes in a yummy basil-garlic sauce.

Cooking: Kimberlee submitted her Chicken and Asparagus Dinner which works for Weight Watchers or any other diet plan.

Design: Minna submitted her apple wreath tutorial.

Entertaining: Um, WOW! Look what I found over at Totally Tabletops. It's not a tutorial but I had to show you this party mural.

Entertaining: Look at this preppy baby shower idea board from Tastefully Entertaining. I'm digging the "ribbon belt" napkin holders.

For the Kids: Laura submitted her days of the week clothing tags. It's a great way to empower your kids, and be a little more organized in the mornings.

For the Kids: Steph submitted her Dino Feet. A tutorial on making dinosaur feet with your monster lover or fashionista.

Gift Idea: Joanna submitted her post on an easy way to make a sassy drink koozie!

Craft: Kathleen submitted her tin ornament tutorial. Make a tin ornament out of the top of a frozen concentrated juice can.

Scrap Craft: Susan submitted her picture frame for each month of the year tutorial for shower gift or decoration.

Scrap Craft: Sarah submitted her tutorial on altering a board book into, a scrapbook, photo album, recipe book, etc.

Scrap Craft: Summer did a little scrapbooking outside the box and scrapbooked an old barn window. Fabulous!

Sewing: Little Birdie Secrets submitted her easy make-up bag tutorial.

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If any of you have taken the time to post a tutorial submit it and I'll feature you!


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