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Attention Mom-Prenuers!

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My "Created by Women" store on Executive Homemaker is being redesigned. Therefore, it's down right now and going to take longer than expected. {{sigh}} I'm completely bummed about it.

You know my passion for promoting women and so I've come up with another way I can promote Mom-prenuers' products during the holiday season.

This holiday season (October - December) I will list your store on my Mom-prenuer Shop-a-thon page for only $5.00. That's a steal! In addition, I will link the page to the bottom of EVERY post (in the P.S.) on Tip Junkie.

I generate a lot of traffic on that sneaky P.S. link after my signature and therefore it will be a great way for you to list your company and be included as a daily installment of the blog.

I will also announce it regularly to remind holiday shoppers you’re ready for their order. {{wink}}

Click the Buy Now button to participate. I'll just need your PayPal address, link, and category you want to be posted in.

So Shoppers - get ready! Let's support each other and buy from Mom-prenuers this holiday season!


P.S. Don't forget to buy from women this holiday season during our Mom-prenuer Shop-a-thon! Let's support each other.