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Halloween Games & Traditions

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Can you believe it's the 1st day of October already? I'm looking for a few more Halloween traditions and family activities to feature, if you have one please submit it and I'll feature you.

Here are the fun activities and traditions that I do with my boys:

We love the 'Don't Eat Pete' game and so I made a 'Don't Eat Casper' to play as a family to get excited for the upcoming Halloween festivities.

We also start the Phantom every year with our friends and neighbors. Print it out on orange paper and leave some goodies for a ring-and-run activity with your kiddos.

{{I love this picture of my boys from 2006 - hehe}}

I also try to make picking out our yearly pumpkins an event by going to a pumpkin patch and getting a hayride. You can check out last years pumpkin carving post that has several websites to get templates.

I used to throw a 'How to Host a Murder' game and play as adults. Unfortunately, I haven't hosted one in years but it's a really great time to get dressed up and do something different.

My friends' neighborhood throws a quarter carnival every year about this time. Every family comes up with an activity or item to sell that costs a quarter and you go around booth-to-booth meeting your neighbors and playing night games.

It's a great way to teach your children about money by having them make/buy something to sell and also have them earn quarters for the carnival.

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