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Couple Themed Costumes

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Every year one of my friends throws a Couples Only Halloween Party where costumes are mandatory. It's such a fun night and one that I look forward to all year. Here are a couple ideas I found to help get you excited about dressing up with your man.

Here we are last year as Earl & Joy from "My Name is Earl". We had a great time planning our skit. {{giggle}} The year before we were Neo & Trinity from the Matrix.

The Sanders' had a Halloween party and she blogged about her guests, giving you some fun ideas.

Heather in Paradise has several fun options, here's her Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio.

Life in Pink is going to be a deranged, murderous housewife from the early 60s, and her man's going as a typical 80's "geek".

Some other ideas I brainstormed while trying to decide our costumes were:

60's Baribie & Ken. Ken's hair is plastic! {{laugh out loud}}

Romeo & Juliet from the 1996 movie. I'm dying to get my man in armor. {{tee hee}}

Wolverine & The Phoenix from X-Men

The Mask of Zorro

Lord of the Rings - Aragorn & Arwyn

I searched and searched and these are all I could find. So go through your blog archives or old photos and if you have couple themed Halloween costumes, use Mister Linky to link to that direct post! This way everyone can be inspired and get more ideas for unique costumes this year.

How to Play: Compose a post (or link to an old one) that features couple themed Halloween costumes. Then add your direct post (not home page) to Mister Linky at the bottom of this post. Be sure you add a link to Tip Junkie in the post.

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