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Transformer Birthday Party

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I threw a Transformer Birthday Party last year for my son's 7th birthday. It's my most popular post over on my personal site, so I thought I'd show you what I did in case you're throwing one too.

The Invitation

"TOP SECRET! You are asked to help on a special rescue mission. Galvatron has stolen the matrix, without its wisdom and power the Autobots will be defenseless against the evil Decepticons. They plan to steal all the earth's resources and destroy it. Please help the Autobots get the matrix back and save the earth. Join Dylan at our secret base, etc..."

We went on a hunt for the stolen matrix.

Played memory Transformer style by matching up the guy to what it transforms into.

Played Transformer Bingo that I made. You can print it out for free on Executive Homemaker.

Can you tell this is my kid!?!

After the hunt, snacks, presents, and cake, they watched the old Transformers movie upstairs.

I made each guest their own Transformer Bingo game as their party favor with a package of M&M's inside. I play every bingo game with candy. ;)

Davis was home sick on Friday and made the "Happy Birthday" banner by drawing and cutting out each letter and then tying it together individually w/ string. I was really proud of him!

I uploaded everything including the agenda for the Transformer party onto Executive Homemaker and you can print it out free!

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