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Tip Junkie's 13 Day Birthday Bash

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Birthday Bash Giveaway

Are you looking for inspiration and ideas for your next birthday party? You're in luck! Tip Junkie's birthday bash has 13 days of amazing ideas.

Day 1 - Princess Birthday Party
Day 2 - Fairy Party
Day 3 - Girl Birthday Party Ideas
Day 4 - Twin Birthday Themes
Day 5 - Superhero Birthday Party
Day 6 - First Year Birthday
Day 7 - Transportation Parties
Day 8 - Pirate Party
Day 9 - Boy Birthday Party Ideas
Day 10 - Adult Birthday Themes
Day 11 - Birthday Traditions
Day 12 - Tween Birthday Parties
Day 13 - It's a Birthday Party

Boy Parties

1. Star Wars Birthday
2. Indiana Jones Party
3. Transformer Birthday Party
4. Bionicle Birthday Party
5. Blue's Clues Party
6. Rocket Party
7. Spiderman Games
8. Justice League Party Games
9. Mickey Mouse Party

Girl Parties

1. American Girl party Games
2. Fairy Wands
3. Pinwheel Party Decor
4. Birthday Chair Back Tradition
5. Party Favors
6. Pink & Yellow Birthday
7. Dora the Explorer Birthday
8. High School Musical Games

Parties to throw your Bestie, BFF, Good Friend

1. Charming Party
2. Birthday Game Board
3. Around the Clock Party
4. Song Card with Mix CD
5. Princess Party
6. Laurie & Rochelle's Birthday Bash
7. House of Money
8. Spin on a Gift Card
9. Fondue Party & Pinwheels
10. How to throw a Blog Party

If you have a birthday party you've posted about (new or old) submit it and I'll feature you!

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