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Teach Me Thursday

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It's my favorite day of the week where we get to learn something new that will embellish our lives. I hope you'll be inspired to create something new today.

Cooking: Heather submitted her yummy smoothie using pudding mix.

Cooking: Victoria submitted her chocolate banana bread.

Entertaining: Mandy submitted her tutorial on how to make an edible chandelier made of fruit & doughnuts.

Entertaining: Aurora made a tutorial on how to make this flower blossom cake.

Design: Stephanie submitted her DIY Monogrammed Art. Love it!

Entertaining: Nikki submitted her quick tutorial on how to make a your own tiered serving stand.

For the Kids: Little Birdie Secrets' crayon roll tutorial is so fun and would make a great holiday gift this season.

Gift Idea: I love magnet boards and I think Little Birdie Secrets did a fun tutorial.

Scrap: Baba submitted her easy paper ephemera cards.

Scrap Craft: Kara submitted her tutorial on how to make a cute pencil holder.

Scrap Craft: Katie submitted her tutorial on how to make Scrapblocks. Scrapbooking on wooden blocks.

Sewing: Nancy's tutorial is a knit prosthetic breast for women who have had complications from breast cancer.

Sewing: Amy submitted her over-the-top Pom Pom pen. Fabulous, I want one!

Sewing: Joanna submitted her drink koozies.

Misc: Steph submitted her eco cleaner, how to make your own household cleaners.

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If any of you have taken the time to post a tutorial submit it and I'll feature you!