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Talk To Me Tuesday - Marta Writes

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Today's Talk To Me Tuesday is from Marta with Marta Writes. 2 weeks ago, today Marta had her first child, a baby boy! Her shop is currently on maternity leave, but she makes beautiful invitations, cards, and notebooks. I hope you enjoy her interview!

1. Would you introduce yourself to our readers?

i’m Marta. i am a graphic designer, a wife and new mama. i love designing invitations, collecting pretty paper, traveling to new places, writing my guts out, taking photographs, planning theme parties, reading glossy magazines, listening to my ipod and dancing around the house, and creating things with my own two hands; including crafts and cupcakes.

2. Who or what was your inspiration to start blogging?

My brother set up a wordpress blog for me years ago, big brothers always know best, but I didn’t feel comfortable writing my heart out on the computer, I didn’t know what to say. Later I caught the vision that a blog can be whatever you want it to be; there are no rules. It soon became the perfect outlet for me to express my thoughts and play around with designing too.

3. How long have you been blogging?

Since September of 2006. Wow, time flies when you’re having fun. And boy is blogging fun.

4. If you had to describe your blog in less than 15 words how would you do it?

Fabulous question. Hmmm. Let me see: ‘A diary of inspirational ideas and personal musings which keep my creative juices flowing.’

5. Approximately how many visitors do you have on your blog each day?

Although I love visitors, I try to focus on writing for myself. That is when my best blogging comes about; when I jot down whatever is whirling in my head. But I’m pretty sure both my parents check my blog everyday. Which makes me feel like a rockstar.

6. What do you think the most rewarding qualities of blogging are?

Making friends and connecting with people via blogland, getting feedback that someone out there is influenced by what I have written, knowing that I have somewhere to spill my thoughts and that someone is listening on the other end.

7. Conversely, what are the most frustrating aspects of blogging?

So many people I’ve talked to feel worried they have nothing ‘good to say’. So many feel afraid to write their truth, they feel misunderstood, or feel sad if no one comments.. it’s frustrating to feel unheard. Realizing someone has stolen your words and/or images is such a horrible feeling of violation. But on the whole, I feel that bloggers are respectful, creative, imaginative and really, truly good people. I love blogland. In my mind, the good washes out the bad. For those of you who feel timid about starting a blog, don’t be. A blog is your li’l space to spread what you know, take advantage of that.

8. Who is your current blog crush? (Someone you look forward to reading about.) Be honest, I know you have one. {{wink}}

I have so many blog crushes; my bloglines is proof of that. I check a handful of blogs on a daily basis. Yet, I always look forward to reading Nectar & Light and Simply Photo. They both inspire me to look at life in a new way and to capture it up in words and photos.

9. Have you ever experienced Blenvy (blog envy)? How did you deal with it?

Of course. I am blown away at all this blogland talent. I love looking at the way people build and design their blogs and websites. I am giddy at a good design. And I do get envious of all the artistic vibes, all the perfect parties, the darling home-sewn outfits, the new homes, the beautiful bakery goods, the teacher gifts… (honestly some of these teacher gifts are better than anything I give year round!). First off, I deal with it by commenting and telling them how rad I think they are.

Second of all I don’t let it get me down, I let it inspire me in my own artsy way. I am just so glad these ideas are out there for the peeking, how amazing is it that we get a glimpse into so many creative lives!? I love it and try to soak in all the inspiration I possibly can. And plus, when I have a third grader and want to knit his teacher some mittens, I’ll know some blogging mentors to guide me through the process!

10. What have you done to improve your stats or market your blog this past year?

Umm. Just about nothing. I write and let it roll. Blogging is fun and therapeutic for me, I don’t put too much thought into getting ‘noticed’. If you start obsessing over stats, it’s bound to go all downhill from there. I learned early on (aka junior high) that popularity isn’t everything.

11. What keeps you motivated to keep blogging?

Thankfully blogging is no chore. It is ongoing practice for two things I love; graphic design and writing. I like keeping in touch, keeping a daily diary and seeing my words in ‘print’. I think writers like to see their words out there and hopefully being read and appreciated.

12. What are you looking for in a blog to read?

I love blogs that have individual style, great photography and a unique voice. Anyone can take photos from other websites and throw them up there. I like a blog that goes the extra mile. Blogs are special when they give you a glimpse of the author within it’s pages.

13. What are a few of the blogging tools you use to run your blog?

Mainly blogspot; it’s incredibly user-friendly. I also like to use text within my photographs. I use the ultimate tool, Photoshop, to resize, adjust and personalize my photos. (Enrolling in a college course in Photoshop was one of the greatest things I ever did. It has the potential of being the best bff you’ll ever have, if you let it.)

14. Who designed your blog? If you did, can you give us a tip or two?

I designed my own blog; I like a simple background for keeping the peace. My tip would be to let your work (your words, crafts, photos, etc.) shine. Don’t drown your blog posts with insignificant bloggy mud. You will learn in any art class, the white space (aka the blank space) is very important. Let your words breathe.

15. Where do you find your inspiration for your products?

I gain inspiration everywhere I go, especially museum exhibits or in li’l bookshops. I heart the handmade and have huge respect for those who are devoted to it. Whether it be one who letterpresses a sheet of stationery for three runs or someone pounding hot iron for horseshoes, those who have passion in their craft is inspiring to me. Collecting famous quotes and pretty paper has been a hobby of mine for years, I like to feature them in my products. I sell journals, bridal guest books, cards and custom designed invitations because they are what I enjoy creating.

16. What are the main ways you earn an income from your blog, if applicable?

The only thing I am earning is personal growth. I do not earn any sort of income from my blog, but I do wonder about that sometimes. Perhaps sponsors are a good thing. Anyone interested in buying me a tuna melt on rye? I do wish I could meet more bloggers for lunch, they are some of my favorite friends.

17. How do you market your products?

When I have things for sale, I show photos on my blog, describe the product and direct any interested buyers into my online shop. I love to custom design and connect with clients via email.

18. What advice do you have for a new Mom-prenuer?

Love what you do. It will then be that much easier to make the effort to create an item that is uniquely beautiful and of the highest quality you are capable. Be organized, motivated and disciplined with your business. Think big and be fearless. Be friendly and thoughtful in your dealings, I am a big believer in ‘what goes around comes around’.

19. Do you have any suggestions for other bloggers or any success secret?

Keep it real. Write what you know. Write what you wonder. Don’t be afraid to be your genuine self. You are an original; make the most of it.

20. What is your next big goal?

I am putting the finishing touches on updating my own website, I am excited about it going LIVE. I also want to design new products in the coming months.

But first and foremost, my big goal is to be strong as an ox and tough as nails with this whole child birthing process and then become a loving, patient, good and sweet mama for my brand new baby.

21. You have so many amazing posts and brilliant ideas. Can you share one of your favorites?

Thank you! One of my favorite blog posts was inspired by a random email from a sweet stranger. She was a girl full of creative potential, wanted to open an Etsy shop and was scared to death to let it all out. For some reason, she decided to come to me for advice. I emailed her a cheerleader response, which led to a blog post.

Sometimes you have to write someone a motivational letter, cheering them on, to get your own heart churning into action. Believing in yourself is of the utmost importance and sometimes all it takes is a little push.

Thank you so much Marta! I appreciate your words of wisdom and encouraging words. I love talking to people who have a passion for what they do. It's inspiring. Congratulations on your new addition to your family. I have no doubt you'll be an amazing mother!


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