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Submitted Tips by Tip Junkie Readers

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It's time to give some fabulous Tip Junkie readers much deserved link love for their creative tips and ideas. Thanks for submitting them!

Kori has a hair blog will lots of pictures of darling little girls hair. Take a look at these woven piggies!

Mrs. Priss submitted her budget-friendly gift giving post. She found a simple technique for gift-giving that won't break the bank... do it the Semi-Homemade way.

Tonya recently started party planning blog complete with tutorials.

Kasi submitted her points system. It's a system I use to help her kids do their chores, not fight, etc.

Debbie just repainted an old birdbath with a can of paint and sand paper:)!

Shelley is the grandma that I will aspire to be! She's completely fabulous and goes all out for her grand kids. She has her own blog to help other's do the same. {{Do you think any of her kids would be willing to adopt a 34 year old?}}

Ashley uses a Meal Plan Such as The LuSHHus Dinner Plan which makes life easier and healthier and cheaper.

Marne submitted her post on dehydrating herbs. How to get the most for your garden herbs by drying them to use all year!

Marne also wants you to know about things you can get for free, including magazines!

Julie has repurposed her old unusable cookie sheets into a beautiful magnetic board with homemade magnets.

Mandee submitted her cheap and easy way to organize craft supplies.

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