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Day 11 - Birthday Traditions

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Day 11 of our Birthday Bash features traditions! I love traditions, I think it brings stability into our children's lives and gives them something to look forward to. I hope these will inspire you to start some new ones.

Jen submitted her tradition of having cake for breakfast on birthdays.

Shannon submitted the birthday shirt/onsie she made for her son's birthday. Cute idea!

Emily submitted her birthday chart. This would make a great grandparent gift as well, I've also blogged about it here.

My friend Wendy submitted these cake lollie's. She mad them for the baby shower we hosted together and they are divine!

Heidi submitted her personalized gift tags. I love this idea. Wouldn't it be fun to do a girls gift tag night and make a ton for Christmas and birthdays! Then you could grab one when you needed it.

Jen has some fun traditions:

1. Decorate the birthday room with balloons after they go to bed.
2. Pancakes with sprinkles or chocolate chips for breakfast.
3. They get to choose their cake & birthday dinner.

One of her comments in this post was that the birthday kiddo gets a date with Mom & Dad.

Heidi has a tradition of letting go of one-for-each-age balloons.

Lisa has some fun traditions:

1. "You are special today" plate, as well as a "happy birthday" mug, so the person of honor gets to use those all day.
2. "Happy Birthday" sign and hang it on the patio doors and everyone signed it & wrote birthday wishes.
3. Put pictures of them on the cupboards around the kitchen
4. Watch videos of them when they were little.

{{she woke up to a fun surprise}}

Nicole also has some fun birthday traditions:

1. The birthday kiddo wakes up to presents at the foot of bed.
2. One more wrapped present that we had hidden somewhere in the house.
3. For breakfast the kids get to choose any cereal they want.
4. We go around the room after the cake is cut, and everyone in the family shares one thing they love/appreciate about the birthday boy/girl.

Handprints on the Wall (great blog name) has these traditions:

1. Make at least one gift for the birthday-person
2. Try to keep store-bought gifts down to one or two.
3. Present the child with a “year book”.

Your Homebased Mom celebrates with these traditions:

1. Birthday person’s day begins with the whole family standing outside of their bedroom singing Happy Birthday.

2. After being awakened by our melodious strains the birthday person gets to jump through their doorway, tearing down the crepe paper.

3. Breakfast in bed

Chrissybug posted about the free things you can get on your birthday!

Sireaves's traditions include:

1. The night before the actual birthday, my husband and I sit in the living room and blow up enough balloons to fill the floor. In the center of this sea of balloons are the presents.
2. They never work on their birthday and spend the day together doing fun activities.

Thanks Ladies! If you don't already have an "I was Featured" button, feel free to copy the code and wear it proudly on your blog. These are amazing!

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