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Top 10 Tips for Junkie's

Welcome! Tip Junkie is a collection of pictures and links to creative ideas from women bloggers. Hopefully, you'll be inspired by the tips and amazing ideas I feature daily.

To catch you up on what you've missed, here are my Top Ten Tips for Junkie's like me!

I. Birthday bash ideas for a good friend:

1. Charming Party - This is also great for going away parties.
2. Birthday Game Board - This is such a unique way to show her she rocks!
3. Around the Clock Party - Shhh, this is a surprise.
4. Song Card with Mix CD - This is a quick, cheap, and fun way to tell her she's the best.
5. Princess Party - On my personal blog.
6. Laurie & Rochelle's Birthday Bash - A pinata full of jewelry & goodies.
7. House of Money
8. Spin on a Gift Card
9. Fondue Party & Pinwheels
10. How to throw a Blog Party

II. Blogging Tips:

1. Free Blog Templates
2. Blog Etiquette
3. Blog Questions and Tips
4. Who's Linking to my Blog?
5. How to increase the number of blog posts shown on my blog
6. How to replace your sidebar titles
7. Add an automatic signature at the bottom of each post
8. How to change the comment hyperlink (name)
9. Top Commenter Widget
10. How to add your e-mail link in a post

III. Entertaining

1. Book Club Fit for a Queen
2. 4th of July
3. Teach Me Thursday - 4th of July Tutorials
4. 4 Reluctant Entertainers Interview
5. Teach Me Thursday - August Tutorials
6. Birthday Bouquet
7. Party Favors
8. Teach Me Thursday - Graduation Tutorials
9. Blessing & Bows

IV. Home Decorating:

1. Beautiful Craft Rooms
2. Playroom Decor Ideas
3. Teen Room Decor
4. Boy Room Decorating Ideas
5 Seasonal Centerpieces
6. Great Home Decor Ideas from Julie & Rochelle
7. DIY Wall Art
8. Vinyl Lettering Decor Ideas

V. Gift Ideas:

1. Big Fat Thanks
2. Paint Can Gifts
3. For the Jane Austen Fan
4. July Gift Ideas
5. Teacher Appreciation Week
6. 4 Pack
7. Gift Boxes
8. Candy Grams
9. 24 Quick, Easy, & Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas
10. Easy Christmas Gifts #2

VI. Organization Ideas:

1. Executive Homemaker Organizational Binder
2. How to print your digital layouts into a Photo Book
3. Closet Make Over
4. Family Calendar
5. Babysitter Information Sheet
6. Master Birthday List
7. Property Binder
8. Shelf Bin Labels & Toy Bin Labels
9. Personal Records Booklet
10. Back to School - Cut the Clutter & How to Organize your School Locker

VII. Submitted Tips:

1. Submitted Tips - June
2. Tribute to Mother's
3. Submitted Tips - August
4. Submitted Tips - July
5. Submitted Tips - April
6. Organizing Hair Accessories
7. Submitted Tips - July
8. More Submitted Tips
9. Submitted Tips - May
10. Submitted Tips - May also

VIII. Super Saturday Craft Ideas (DIY Crafts):

1. Super Saturday Craft Ideas
2. Christmas in July
3. Thanksgiving Crafts
4. Easy Christmas Crafts & Gifts
5. Noteworthy Notebooks
6. Cute Clipboards
7. Valentine Packaging - Make them generic for any occasion
8. Easy, Cheap, Useful Christmas Gift Ideas
9. All Girl - You can use some of these as mini-classes
10. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

VI III. Teach Me Thursday (Tutorials):

1. Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners
2. Baby Shower
3. Clean Room
4. Chore Charts
5. Teach Me Thursday - Kid Crafts
6. Teach Me Thursday - July
7. Teach Me Thursday - July also
8. Teach Me Thursday
9. Teach Me Thursday - June
10. Teach Me Thusday - May

X. Traditions:

1. You are Special - Red Plate
2. Word of the Year
3. Valentine's Day Traditions
4. Easter Traditions
5. Teach Me Thursday - Father's Day
6. Back to School Traditions
7. Thanksgiving Traditions
8. More Thanksgiving Traditions
9. New & Unique Christmas Traditions
10. Homemade Christmas Traditions

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