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Submitted Tips

Debbie submitted her version of Pottery Barn's scrapboard or bulletin board, using 12 x 12 scrapbook paper. I adore this idea!

Bre submitted her tip on turning cardboard into fun. Making a clubhouse out of a big ol' cardboard box and leftover craft items.

Melissa submitted her product review of Stamp Keepers. Where she discusses her experience using Stamp Keepers for her unmounted stamps.

Nicole says don't sweat the seating charts! Here's a cheap, easy and stress-free way to organize your wedding seating charts.

Brandi submitted her boredom buster box: Things to do to dispel boredom on these long summer days!

Loreen just completed the easiest project to alter drawer knobs & light switch plate covers

Mallory submited Hollywood Hair Vitual Make Over. At in style dot com you can download a picture of yourself and add different celibrities hair styles to see what it would look like on you. You can even change the hair color and add highlights! So before you make that summer haircut plundge... try before you buy!

Leslie submitted her posts on Bargain Shopping Tenet:

#1: PATIENCE. The first rule of bargain shopping is: have patience.
#2: AVOID IMPULSE BUYING. A true bargain shopper realizes that they don't have to have everything RIGHT NOW.
#3: NEVER BUY AT RETAIL PRICE. Everything goes on sale, eventually.
#4: ONLY BUY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD. Bargain shopping does not give you permission to live outside your means.

Linda submitted this beauty, a chinese take out! Embellished Chinese Take-Out boxes with paper fortune cookies.

Morgan submitted her monogrammed wall hanging. She says it's the most simple thing I've ever made -- and it's darn cute. I agree!

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