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Submit Your Birthday Parties!

Jedi Academy Birthday Party (Star Wars themed party)

I've been evaluating the statistics on my blog and I've found that people love birthday party ideas!

According to Google Analytics, my Transformer Birthday Party, Star Wars Birthday Party, and Indiana Jones Birthday Party ideas are the most searched for pages.

The bloggers who were featured in my Indiana Jones Birthday Party idea post, hit the jackpot! That's one of my top 10 most popular pages right now. Thanks Ladies for your inspiration.

Transformer Birthday Party ideas (on my personal blog)

So submit your all birthday party posts (any theme, kid & adult) so I can feature them here on Tip Junkie and give you the props you deserve.

If you're not looking for more traffic - submit your parties away - we love being inspired.

Click here to submit your birthday party ideas. I'll start posting them next week. Here are other birthday related posts I've blogged about.

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