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Free Blog Templates

You know I'm always looking out for you and ways to beautiful your blog. Well, I've found 3 more sites that offer FREE blog templates.

They're beautiful and offer free tutorials and other how-to's for uploading.

Made by Lena - I've actually helped 2 friends create their blog using Lena's designs. At first, I had problems downloading it but, thanks to my webmaster honey, I figured it out.

Here are easy directions on how to download & then upload her templates:

1. Browse her blog and find the template you like.

2. When you find it, on the Download link, right click your mouse and click Save Target As.

3. Save it as a .txt file on your desktop.

4. Open the .txt file you just saved then Select All then then copy all the text.

5. Go to Layout, then Edit HTML in your blog.

*Warning* If you are updating an existing blog - you MUST copy all your widgets in your side bar FIRST. If you past the code into your HTML it will delete all widgets. So you'll have to go into each one and copy the code before you proceed.

If your blog is brand new - you don't need to worry about this.

6. Select all of the code and then press right click Paste.

7. Save then view your beautiful new template.

Another site is The Cutest Blog on the Block. I haven't used it personally but I've seen tons of these layouts being used lately and they're fun.

Note: The background template doesn't move along with your posts, it stays stagnate. Just be aware of that while you're browsing.

Lastly, there's Leelou Blogs that also has free templates or custom blog designs. They're also easy to upload with several fun prints.

Have fun!