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Back to School - Cut the School Clutter

While searching for back to school ideas, I came across lots of different ways to get organized and get the kids ready for the daily grind. Here are some submitted ideas by Tip Junkie readers and some via searching.

Jill submitted this idea on how to manage school cutter. Have a magnetic board in kids rooms to post current art, take picture at end of month and discard.

Laura the Organizing Junkie suggests setting up a command center. A Command Center is somewhere to capture the bits and pieces of life that are happening right now and can’t be filed away just yet.

Laura also suggests using a backpack station to organize the kiddo's backpacks. She even found a backpack rack for you to use over your door.

I do this at home. I use an iron shelf with hooks on my hall way by the garage door. My hard core rule is that the kiddos hang them up as they come into the house. It really does keep down the clutter.

Raising Five posted about her backpack station is a poem! That's uber fab!

Let's Talk Organizing gives some tips on a family board to hold the kids' school papers they bring home.

Check out Shannon's information station that she keeps off the kitchen by the door where we exit to the garage.

Her label categories are the following: Responsibility Chart, Responsibility Chart, Homework, Hey Mom & Dad - Look at this (paperwork they bring home from the school that I'm suppose to read or sign), Return to School (homework that needs to be turned in or anything I was suppose to sign and return to the school), School Calendar.

Jeri has 12 ways to use the door knob. Great idea.

Clothing Labels: This is a very cool way to allow your kids some independence, while still not having them holler for you every four minutes about where the shirts are located.

I would make these just because I love to laminate! If I were to do this, I would make them into sets: a pair of shorts and what shirts he can worn with them. My boys think matching is wearing all the same color. {{giggle}}

I also found this article on Creative Activities to Help Children Starting Kindergarten. I like the daily photo schedule album idea.

Megan submitted her tip on how to save time and money on school lunches. Making mornings easier while saving money!

More Traditions from Tip Junkie Readers:

Letti submitted her tradition of back to school measurements. On the 1st day of school she measures the kids on the inside of her linen closet door. It's fun to look back and see how much they have grown in each grade.

Megan submitted her tradition of back to school make over week.

Thanks Ladies! If you don't already have a "I was Featured" button, feel free to copy the code and wear it proudly on your blog. These are fantastic ideas!