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Submitted Tips

I'm loving the submitted tips that are coming in. I'm constantly inspired and can't wait to get busy copying. {{wink}} Thanks Ladies!

Cocoa submitted her cool summer time calendar! It's a a fun calendar to keep the kids busy in the summertime. I love it!!

Julie submitted her quiet bag idea. We missed the giveaway {{drat}} but I still wanted you to see what she has inside her bags. I think it's perfect for Sunday or a doctor's visit.

Stephanie submitted her Make Me Monday - Jewelry Edition. Beautiful.

Tales from the O.C. Cottage submitted the super cheap & easy way to make your give your pouty, frowning, less-than-spectacular silver a sparkling smile...I mean shine!

Angie submitted her Silly Dilly Day Camp Day. A weekly themed activities my kids can earn if they complete their chores.

Colleen submitted some creative food and food tips for a Baby Shower!

Kim submitted about some terrific new hairbrushes. Keep up with the latest innovations in hairbrushes!

Jen submitted this post on how to get your kids to work. How-to lists children can use to learn to clean a room.

Julie posted about what you can get free for your birthday.


Judy submitted this post on 5 fun ideas each week to keep the kids busy!

Jennifer wants you to know about these recipes for kids with egg and diary allergies using Cherry Brook Kitchen products. She used these recipes to make special treats for her daughter who has severe food allergies.

Thanks Ladies! If you don't already have a "I've been Featured" button, feel free to copy the code and wear it proudly on your blog. These are amazing!