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Charming Gifts

Huge thanks to Colette from Charming Gifts for being a 20+ Day Giveaway sponsor. And for forgiving me for not posting her giveaway last Friday. {{Drat!}}

Colette really has some amazing products with such meaning and beauty. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Are you looking for a new & fun way to celebrate a friends birthday or special event? You knew I'd hook you up. {{wink}} Throw a Charming Party!

Help her create her own "mini-scrapbook" that represents special memories with her family and friends by having each guest bring a charm for her bracelet.

Colette did this for me at my going away party and I LOVED it! I felt so appreciated and cherished and continue to feel that way each time I wear it. It's hands down my favorite gift I've received from friends.

Here's another fun party idea: Cake Pulls for birthday parties, baby showers, or bridal showers.

Place enough charms through the cake frosting for all the guests (or pick several guests) and let each one pull a ribbon and read the meaning.

Give all the charms along with a bracelet to the guest of honor for them to remember the occasion. Or give each guest their charm to take home as a party favor.

Personalize a gift for a special woman in your life (or yourself) with monogram memories. Stunning.

Thank you so much Colette for being a giveaway sponsor and delighting us with your beautiful products! Remember you get 10% off your order just for being a Tip Junkie reader.