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20 Day Giveaway - Baby Bintz

Contest Rules:

1. Go to Baby Bintz and check out all her products. Simply leave a comment on this post here on Tip Junkie.

2. Please only enter once and you must have a blog to enter. (If your blog is private, please include your e-mail address with your comment.)

3. Each giveaway will only last 24 hours!! So be sure to leave a comment to enter before 8:00 am each morning.

The winner will receive: A crayon roll in blue or pink disco dot! YAY!

I absolutely love this product! Even if you don't have a child coloring age - keep this in mind for Christmas presents.

Remember this giveaway only lasts until tomorrow morning so be sure to help me promote it by blogging about it and comment before 8:00am Texas time! {{wink}}