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Submitted Tips

Here are more eclectic and cool tips from Tip Junkie readers. Enjoy!

Aubrey shares her ideas for embellishing cutoff jeans and crocs. Oh so cute!

The oh so fabulous gals, Kari & Kijsa have submitted this tip on how to customize premade curtains.

Mary shares baby shower ideas as well as her thoughts on centerpieces, games, getting to know people.

Mary says it's time to plant yellow squash now... so you can make fried squash flowers later.

Jenna has just posted a very informational article on entering your projects in the county fair. She really wants to encourage all the crafters and bakers and gardener's out there to exhibit. Not only is it a fun summer activity, it's a learning experience and a chance to meet your local crafty community!

Holly has a tip on what to do with wet bathing suits! Thanks Holly - I need this tip.

Penny has a tip on wool soaker care - keep wool looking new!

Megan has recycled undershirts - here's one way to re-purpose old t'shirts instead of paper towels. A tip on going green.

Organizing Mommy is re-purposing her candle jars! Here she shows you how to get rid of the candle ends.

Melissa has discovered the best way to avoid the crowds at the play ground is to go later in the afternoon.

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