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More Submitted Tips

Here are some fabulous tips that Tip Junkie readers have submitted. Thank Ladies for all your inspiration and creativity!

Where do you store your great ideas? CarrieB suggests using a idea Rolodex solution for your life lists.

Chris submitted her teacher gift idea that she made, a cute basket of summer necessities. What a wonderful and useful gift.

Corrinne submitted Raybook. It's education on your iPod.

Lou wants to spread the word about a paper friendly push pin -the Paper Cricket, it's new. Post papers, photographs, posters, postcards,without holes or damage.

Jamie made a printable checkbook register when you run out of space in your current one. Cool!

Crystal has an 'Everyday Food Storage' blog with some pretty cool ideas. Here's her blender no-bake cheesecake.

I'm currently working on my food storage as well. I feel like I've got to cut back on my small trips to the grocery store and get prepared for increased gas prices.

Heather has created a new blog to help promote women bloggers, The Secret is in the Sauce! You know I'm all about girl-power and promoting women so go check it out.

Thanks Ladies these are amazing! If you don't already have a "I've been Featured" button, feel free to copy the code and wear it proudly on your blog.