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Annie's Bananies

Hello, I'm Annie! I consider myself a Mom-Prenuer but I'm very new at it. I decided to start making hair bows and pacifier clips because I love doing it. I love the way my little girl, or any little girl for that matter, looks with a cute hair bow accessorizing her outfit.

I started an out of my home business because it's not really possible for me to work in an outside office or store right now. My husband is in the Air Force and he's a part-time college student. His busy life takes every ounce of his energy. He is gone on TDY's often and has been deployed so it's not practical for me to get an outside job knowing that I'd have to take so much time off to work around his schedule.

With my husband being enlisted our income doesn't really support any thoughts of daycare so that's out of the question for us. I have one little girl who I stay at home with and we have lots of fun.

These are my Flower Loopy Bows, my all time favorites!

In this post are another one of my favorites, Chubby Knot Bows. I think they are just adorable.

This post was of my first order but it contains one of my favorites, the butterfly clips.

Thanks Annie these are beautiful! Be sure to check out Annie's blog to see more products she sells.