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Submitted Tips

I have lots of amazing tips to share from Tip Junkie readers. Thanks Ladies! You make my job a lot easier.

Andrea has a website where you can your own dresses. Just send her a full-length picture of yourself and she'll help you choose the most flattering colors and styles for you. Amazing!! Talk about a personal shopper. ;)

Tori shows us how to get "vinyl lettering done cheap", DIY.

Carol shows us how to make a delightful daffodil pop up card for spring. Complete with directions and templates.

Here's MamaSheg refurbished junk mail scrapbooking embellishments, using her Sizzix Big Shot.

Sue submitted this toy room storage idea.

Sue also submitted her craft punch storage tip.

Katrina submitted a tip that several of my friends already do: Dinner Swap. Cook large portions of a gourmet meal and swap with a bunch of friends, saves time and money. (Funny pic!!)

Colleen tells us about the easiest and most natural stress reduction technique.

Diaphragmatic breathing is simply deep breathing into your stomach. Most people breathe through their lungs, which creates a stress response in the body. When you take big, deep, slow breaths, so that you can actually see your stomach rise up and down, this derails the body's natural stress response and helps people to feel more calm. Try it!

Colleen also gives us info on how to get a better's night sleep, click here.

Tonia submitted this fun tutorial on how to make a homemade throw pillow.

Heidi submitted Protect Yourself Video for Teens.

Jill says to use photos found on the Internet that are from the "Public Domain" (copy right free) for vintage wall art (links are provided on my post). It is a very inexpensive way to get some art on your walls that is unique and interesting.

Too Cute Jute! From Pink Dreaming a clearance rug at LOWEs.

Kathi shows off a quick, beautiful way to decorate a cake for Spring. Looks yummy!

Laurie submitted an adorable how-to for hair things. She shows off lots of different creations as well as a storage idea.

I blogged about this too when I first started blogging. You can also use these flower clips as "bows" for a present.

I have tons more tips in my inbox to post. So hang tight - I'll get to them. ;) Huge thanks Ladies for all these amazing tips!! I hope everyone has been inspired today - I know I have.