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Play Room Decor Ideas

Nicole requested some play room decor ideas. I aim to please, so here goes!

I hit the mother-load of ideas on Stephanie's blog! These apple green walls are so chic! She choose a Disney theme which doubles as storage space for all their souvenirs which are displayed on the shelves that run the length of the room. The toy wall has tons of picture frames for photos.

  • She uses shower curtains as her window treatments
  • Cubby shelving from Target
  • Elevated cubby section to hold all stuffed animals
  • Large cork board to hold pictures and artwork with a reading nook underneath it
  • Peg rack with industrial clips to hold more artwork
  • Trunk to hold dress up clothes
  • Chalk board with eye hooks on bottom of the chalkboard to hold green bucket for art supplies

Welcome to the Third Trimester posted several pictures of her playroom and daughters room. I love all the hanging lights and take a look at those hook place at child's level. Perfect for dress ups.

Nesting Place has tons of great ideas. For her playroom, she bought this shelf at a thrift store and spray painted it. Then she used the big tins to store toys.

I'm a huge spray painter myself. Recently, I learned a spray painting tip the hard way - be sure to prime it first. If you're going to spray paint red, dark blue or black, use a grey primer first. It makes the color stick to the surface better and won't scratch/peel off.

Maren did something fun for her playroom, she made this puppet show curtain! What a fun idea

Tip: I've done this myself and it's easy when using a tension rod for the top (so it can go in any door way) and a dowel rod at the bottom so it will hang right.

You'll have to click on the link to see more pictures of Rhodi's playroom, but what I want to feature here is how she used magnetic paint to paint this stripe to showcase her children's artwork. What a cool idea!

Pink Picket Fence posted several frugal decor ideas which she used for her playroom. Take a look at those curtains, their bed sheets.

Here's a fantastic tip from Linds on what to do with all those magnetic toys you don't want scratching up your refrigerator! Purchase a cookie sheet and a pizza pan from the dollar store, as well as some magnetic clips. Hot glue picture hangers to the back and hang them up on the playroom wall. Ta-da!

Of course there's these amazing ideas from Pottery Barn Kids. You could paint/spray paint any old book shelf a fun color like these. Also, instead of using expensive baskets you could do what I did in my closet - hot glue fabric onto cardboard boxes.

Tip: Also, if you find cheep wicker baskets - you can spray paint them any color you want. I've done this for baskets I've wanted to use as a gift bag.

I also love those fabric pin boards on the wall!! If you cover your boxes - be sure to buy enough fabric to make that great wall decor. Ideal for photos, artwork, or just fun stuff to look great.

These colored storage pails are so amazing and perfect for a boy play room. Recently, my sister-in-law painted a red wall and had large black and white pictures made of her kiddos.

So, if you have a large wall to fill - consider large b/w pics of the kids. I'm sure there are cheaper places, but I use Shutterfly, you can upload any digital pic, turn it black and white, and the do large pictures that turn out amazing. I recently had one done for my game room.

This tent from Pottery Barn Kids is a great idea. You could use this to close in a reading niche, or add a full length mirror in the back and turn it into a stage for dress ups and plays.

Stephanie, Welcome to the Third Trimester, Nesting Place, Maren, Rhodi, Pink Picket Fence, and Linds here is your 'Great Tip Award'! Be sure to pass on the award by picking 3 people you've been inspired by!

I hope that gives you some inspiration! If you've got a great play room you'd like to feature upload your pictures to Executive Homemaker.com.