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Book Club Fit for a Queen

I attended book club last Saturday and I immediately thought of how much you guys would LOVE to see it!

We read 'The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette' and Katrina out did herself! The food was delicious and the decor was so incredibly beautiful! I was amazed at all the details and love she put into the afternoon.

There was silver tulle and vibrant flowers everywhere!

Even on the chandelier, there were fresh roses and pink tulle. Breath taking!

She brought out her china and tons of tea lights for the special occasion. Those napkin rings are to die for.

Here's a peek at Katrina's mirrored buffet - so elegant.

Did I mention how yummy the food was? Scrumptious.

Be sure to go to Katrina's blog. She has more details on decorating and the food. It was such a beautiful afternoon. I can't thank Katrina enough for all her efforts. It really made my day so much brighter!

I hope you've gotten some fun entertaining ideas for your next book club or event!