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Teen Room Decor

A friend of mine has hired me to design her teenage daughters room. Since I don't have any daughter's of my own, I'm so excited for the opportunity!

I've been researching ideas and have found some pretty fun ideas. I thought I'd pass them along to you...

Take a look at this!! The beauty bar was made from MDF. Check out more pictures here.

Notice the argyle paint on the wall, it's subtle but gives dimension to the room.

This is a poor quality picture but I love the scroll and polka dots on the ceiling! This reminds me of my bathroom I recently finished.

I really like this idea of adding a chair rail to the top and bottom of the border.

Check out those curtains, beautiful! I also really like the stripped sleigh bed.

Audrey Hepburn/NYC room

Totally Teal

Pepper Pink Quilt from JC Penny - I love the border and the phoebe lamps.

Here are some fun ideas from Wake Up Frankie.

I love the elegance in this room. I just might have to copy that window treatment.

This wall is amazing!

There are so many things I love about this room! I love the striped wall, the dark colored closet, and the wood valence above the closet. WOW!

If you have a room you'd like to show off, like Rochelle's daughter's room, upload your pictures to Executive Homemaker.com.

We're looking for more kids room decor ideas! I hope you've been inspired and happy decorating!

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