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St. Patrick's Day Party

This March 17th do something fun with the family like throw a St. Patrick's Day party!

Legend of St. Patrick - If you're looking for some St. Patrick's day facts, click on the link.

Green Day Memory

Print out these memory cards and make a fun poster to play memory for St. Patrick's day or for Green Day.

St. Patrick's Day Bingo

Green Day Agenda

Here's an agenda sample if you're still looking for party ideas!

10:00 (Younger) * Color Leprechauns
(Older) * Play dough w/ cookie cutters

10:10 (Younger) * Color Shopping (get a basket & hide green things)
(Older) * Story & puzzle quiz

10:20 (Younger) * Hide ‘n seek gold treasure
(Older) * Green Day Bingo

10:30 (All) * Read Green Eggs & Ham book

10:40 (Younger) * Balloons (draw faces on them)
(Older) * Green Memory Game

10:50 (All) * Snack 11:00
(All) * Give hats & cups to take home

Happy party planning!