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Leap Year Party!

It's almost Leap Year!! Here are tons of "froggy" inspired games, treats, and crafts to celebrate this special day that comes only once every 4 years.

Pin the Crown on the Frog - Here's a poster you can print out on 4 sheets of paper, glue on a green posterboard and laminate, or simply tape together for an easy and fun game!

Musical Lily Pads - Print out these lily pads and tape on the floor. Play with the same rules as musical chairs.

Frog Hunt - Print out a bunch of these cute frogs and hide them around your house for the kiddos to find.

Frog Bean Bag Craft - You could use this as a craft, in a game, and also as a party favor for each guest. It has a template all ready for you to print out.

Pass the Toad

Using a stuff animal frog, play this game like "Hot Potato". Eliminating a player who has the frog when the music stops until there is one winner left.

The project requires either sewing or hot glue skills. A child of age 9 or so could do the project with adult supervision.

Printable Frog Origami

Frog Puppet

Frog Cup Cakes - You could decorate these cute cupcakes as an activity or just have them ready for dessert.

You could order one of these cute Frog shirts, or make your own! Consider making these for your kiddos or for each guest at the party.

What are you doing to celebrate Leap Year?