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Submitted Tips - Valentine's Day!

Tip Junkie has recieved some great tips for Valentine's Day!

Big thanks to Jerri' who submitted a tip on the Valentine's Bandit. The Valentine Bandit came to visit every morning starting Feb 1st. He would leave a heart cover pencil or a sticker, something inexpensive.

On Valentine's day, he woke up to a curtain of hearts hanging in his doorway, and a Valentine Cupcake. Why don't you play bandit, you can be the Valentine Bandit to your hubby, or friend that needs cheering up.

This is such a great Valentine's Tradition I'm going to start with my family!

Amy from the Caffenated Cropper is having a Count down to Valentine's Day with several projects and submitted this cute gift idea. This is her: Coolest Mom (or sister, or grandma, or wife or friend or husband or whatever you are) door hangers.

They are made from a recycled Crystal Light container made into a door hanger to fill with Valentine Goodies.

Gig-Harbor-Scrapper submitted these Valentine Gift Bags. They're an alternative to traditional valentines made out of bags from the Target dollar spot.

Thanks again Ladies, I love getting great tips!!