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Submitted Tips!

I want to thank Jill over at Creativity Musings and Such for submitting this fun tip on clothespins!

Jill uses clothespins for lots of great uses such as, close bags of chips, cereal, bread, etc. they're the best thing for that. You can get a bag of 100 for only $2.

Another use in her house is for creative play by her daughter. She swipes the clothespins constantly and takes them apart to invent things. She's made boats and all sorts of contraptions

Beckie over at Infarrantly Creative sent me this incredible tutorial on how to make crayons using glue sticks!! This is such a crazy creative idea.

Are you tired of your toddler breaking crayons? Well here is a way for your wee one to still be creative with no more broken crayons. Impressive!

Thank you Jill and Beckie so much for taking the time to submit these amazing tips!