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New Christmas Traditions

I've been really focusing on starting some fun but different family traditions this year during the Christmas season. Here are some that I've been impressed with:

Keri and her family have the tradition of Stocking Letters. They write notes to each other, including parents, and put them in each other’s stockings. They are to write one letter a day and make sure that they end up writing at least one letter to each family member. You get to read them on Christmas morning.

I think this is such a wonderful tradition because it's nice for siblings to focus on the positive things they like about each other.

Dawn over at The Feathered Nest, made a Wish Bottle for her family tree. She repurposed an old spice bottle and decorated it.

You hang your little Wish Bottle on your Christmas tree. Inside, rolled up, is a small piece of paper that you can jot down your wishes for Christmas just for that special someone to walk by and see! They can pull your wish list out, tuck it in their pocket and then leave theirs for you!

Heather over at 'Unwrapped' celebrates Nickolaus on December 6th! Nikolaus is the German Santa Claus and comes on December 6th and fills your shoes with treats and gifts. Have your kids line their shoes up by the front door the night before.

Lacie and her family try to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by participating in an Angel Tree. They picked a couple children that had specific needs and they bought those gifts for them. They made it a family affair and enjoyed the special spirit of giving this holiday season.

We can't forget letters to the big guy! Ashley has done all the research for you - she has listed all the resources you need to get a letter to and from Santa this year. Thanks Ashley!

Here is your here's your 'Great Tip Award'! Keri , Dawn, Heather, Lacie , and Ashley thank you so much for these great and unique Christmas traditions!