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Game of Life

A friend of mine received this Christmas card in the mail this year! We were both amazed by the creativity that I had to feature her! Lori designed her Christmas card letter into 'The Game of Life".

These instructions were included:

"To all the most important players in our "Game of LIFE", thank you for helping us "collect new memories", for being there for us when we "lose a turn" or when we get to "roll again". We love you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2008. Keep "moving forward".

Lori here's your 'Great Tip' Award!' You've earned it, girl! WOW! What an amazing card.

I'm on the lookout for more creative and incredible Christmas Cards and family letter ideas!

Post a comment or shoot me an e-mail (laurie at Executive Homemaker dot com) of one's you've received or made. I'll feature them here on TipJunkie.com!