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Amazing Christmas Cards

TipJunkie.com is proud to present the 'Great Tip Award' to some amazing women with amazing Christmas card creations!

I received Jenni's Christmas Card a couple days ago and was delighted to find that she had customized a crossword puzzle as her family newsletter. She used The Teachers Corner, which has a program that makes the crossword puzzle for you! Jenni says, it's so easy.

Once you flip over the blank crossword puzzle, you'll find the questions as well as an answer key! Great idea Jenni! I love the idea of making your Christmas card into a game.

Font of Card - The back is fabulous too! Click here to check it out.

Yeah!!! Rochelle has posted all her past Christmas Cards. You won't want to miss this post - it's full of eye candy and great card ideas. She's made some stunning cards, hand sewn with bling!

This is her latest creation. Inside the card she did her family from A-Z. It's so beautiful Rochelle, truly amazing!

Here is your here's your 'Great Tip Award'! Again, I want to thank Jenni and Rochelle for their talent and creativity!