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More Thanksgiving Traditions

TipJunkie.com is proud to present the 'Great Tip Award' to several women who have inspired us with some great Thanksgiving fun.

Karri made this Thankful tree for her family. Simply attach leaves that have what you're grateful for on them. She made a lid for the pot to keep the leaves after they're done and keep it as a keepsake.

Heffalump has a tradition of making these Apple Turkeys! Aren't they great! Each year they buy a bag of apples around Thanksgiving time, and gather around the table and spend an evening decorating the apples to look like turkeys.

They use toothpicks to help make the tail, the wings, and the head of the turkeys, and other fun ingredients like mini marshmallows, raisins, fruit snacks, and cereal.

Renata makes these cute and yummy Turkey Rolls. You can use any roll dough. She used cloves as the turkey's eyes.

Here's a cute how-to turkey wreath using your child's footprint.

Allan Knox WROTE 5 fun Thanksgiving Carols to help celebrate this important holiday that sometimes gets overlooked by Christmas. Here's one example.

Here Comes Thanksgiving (to the tune of Here Comes Santa Claus)

Here comes Thanksgiving
Here comes Thanksgiving
Long before Christmas Day
No jingle bells, no Christmas trees
No songs about a sleigh
We will eat and we will sleep
We’ll watch some football games
Cause it is almost Thanksgiving
And it’s long before Christmas Day

Take a look at these Turkey Hair Bows!! Don't ask me how I found them - they aren't on a blog but I couldn't resist posting the idea. Too cute.

Karri, Heffalump, Renata, and Allan Knox here's your 'Great Tip Award', thank you so much for these fabulous Thanksgiving food and craft!