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Thanksgiving Decor

TipJunkie.com is proud to present the 'Great Tip Award' to several women who have inspired fun and beautiful Thanksgiving decorating ideas.

French Garden House has some really beautiful table decor ideas. There's 2 posts, so don't miss the first one as well.

Here's Wippup version of leaf garland. It's elegant and simple. Love it.

I'm amazed at these leaf roses, haha.nu gives a free tutorial. Amazing! They make it look so easy.

Come Sit A While made these cute Turkey Aprons! I liked it so much because it's a simple template that you could use for anything!

You could paint it on a poster board for "pin the feather" on the turkey game, paint it on a t-shirt for the kiddos, or paint a bunch on pillow cases and put them over your chairs for Thanksgiving dinner. The possibilities are endless!

Apartment Therapy posted about some of Martha Stewart's Thanksgiving ideas. This one I do every year with my kids.

It's a little late to order now, but I love this cute onesie from Beebee Mod. She also has cute Christmas ones.

French Garden House, Wippup, haha.nu, Come Sit A While, Apartment Therapy, and Beebee Mod here's your 'Great Tip Award', thank you so much for these festive Thanksgiving decor ideas.