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Reminisce Heirlooms

Executive Homemaker is excited to announce these newest Mom-prenuer products, Reminisce Heirlooms. These keepsakes are evidence of Tabetha's passion. Just as unique as you, no two pendants are exactly alike.

Capture those beautiful memories in this necklace. Typically, one side of the pendant features a cherished photograph and the other, a quotation, Bible verse, names, dates, or initials.

New for the holidays is this monogram pendant. This features one initial in any colors you choose.

Sky's the limit with what you can do with these bauble pendant necklaces: initials, pictures, or designs papers.

Perfect for yourself or as a gift, jazz up your keys with this special key chain.

Ornaments: Imagine a glass pendant ornament for each family member glistening on your tree this year.

Add an heirloom tag to any jar for a great gift for any occasion.

This is a Wedding Blessings Jar: The guests will have a place to leave a sentiment for the bride ang groom. They can look back on each year on their anniversary. This will also serve as a nice decor item. I think it will be especially lovely after all 150 papers are written on and handled so the jar looks full. Use this same concept for Thanksgiving this year!

Reminisce Heirlooms has amazing products and gifts! Executive Homemaker is excited to welcome Tabetha as it's newest Mom-prenuer. If you have a product you'd like us to help you sell, e-mail [laurie at Executive Homemaker dot com].